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Recorded and/or performed with:

Songs recorded by:

Nina Hagen 

Lucinda Williams

The Bonedaddys


The Martini Kings


Josie Cotton

John Lloyd Young

Lynda Kay

Josh Groban

The Dust Brothers

The Faragher Brothers

David Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday

Florent Pagny

Double Naught Spy Car

Moris Tepper


The Bastards Of Belleville

Marcella Detroit

Jessica Harper

Some Party

Carlos Guitarlos

I See Hawks In L.A.

The Rebel Rockers

The Blue Hawaiians

Geza X

Charlie Fay and the Fayettes

James Ellroy

Eric Burdon

Sabine and the Red Lotus

Double Naught Spy Car

The Bonedaddys

Some Party

Songs featured in:

I Love You Man

America’s Funniest Home Videos


Sink Or Swim

Shasta McNasty

Road Rules,

The Real World

Condo Painting

Television/Film credits:

Auto Focus

Emily In Paris

One Day At A Time

The Odd Couple

The Crazy Ones

Real Life: The Musical

Complete scores:

Fool’s Gold (with Double Naught Spy Car)

Politics Are Murder


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